Marabu-ColorFormulator MCF

Database with spectrophotometer – the solution for a precise reproduction of any colour shade as well as for quality control.

The MCF consists of a spectrophotometer - MCF-H2 or MCF-HD2 - both of them portable - with specifically designed software and database for screen and pad printing.

With the Marabu-ColorFormulator you can:

Measure the original

Pre-select substrate, ink film thickness, and basic shades

Calculate and save the formula

Optimise the formula

Record and control quality

Benefits of the MCF:

  • Easy operation, no special previous knowledge required
  • Calculates formulas for opaque and transparent shades quickly and accurately
  • Mesh count and colour of substrate can be accounted for
  • Amortisation time frames are shortened through re-use of residual ink stocks
  • Databases for Marabu screen and pad printing inks included

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