Marabu at FESPA 2019


“An Explosion of Possibilities” is the overarching theme of this year’s FESPA trade show in Munich, Germany. Marabu will be channelling this spirit by presenting its diverse inks for screen, digital, and pad printing, for both graphical and industrial applications. With its broad skillset, Marabu is a preferred partner for companies seeking new answers to their
specific printing challenges.

This year, the FESPA Global Print Expo will take place in Munich from 14 to 17 May. Marabu, at stand E28 in hall B5, will be presenting its portfolio of proven inks and unveiling new solutions for specialised applications in screen, pad, and digital printing. These include inks for packaging, glass, plastics, and sensitive products e.g. that come into direct contact with skin. Moreover, Marabu will spotlight a number of digital printing inks – particularly its UVcurable and solvent-based options for the latest generation of printers from multiple manufacturers – plus its water-based liquid coatings.

Low-migration UV-curable screen printing ink for PE/PP plastic food packaging
Food packaging has to perform a variety of tasks: it should present the product to catch the eye, and encourage consumers to make a purchase – and, above all, it has to protect its contents. For this reason, inks for food packaging are subject to strict quality audits to verify that they are not susceptible to migration (i.e. the transfer of substances from the packaging material to the foodstuff). Marabu’s Ultra Pack UVFP range is the first and only officially approved (by Swiss Quality Testing Services, SQTS, a certified institute) for migration-sensitive PE/PP plastics – the materials most widely used for packaging foodstuffs. Moreover, the very high reactiveness of Ultra Pack UVFP inks ensures rapid drying and printing speeds of up to 4,000 items per hour.

Versatile inks for container and flat glass
Marabu’s broad portfolio of inks for glass has been further strengthened by the addition of two ranges for diverse applications. The single-component Mara® Tech MGO baking ink is ideal not only for glass, but also for screen and pad printing on metal where high resistance to chemicals is crucial. The ink contains silicone, and is therefore suitable for both first and second surfaces, in particular for container and flat glass. As a single-component product, it ensures highly reliable printing processes. This makes Mara® Tech MGO a perfect choice for sensitive goods, such as baby bottles, drinking glasses and medical accessories. Marabu will also spotlight its two-component Mara® Glass MGLA. This was specially developed for second surfaces on flat glass items, for example smartphones, input systems (touch panels) and outdoor user interfaces – including control units for ships and boats, and digital map terminals in Munich and other major cities.

New UV-curable solution for credit cards
ID and cashless payment cards are gaining ground in the global electronic user-authentication market. Personalised visuals on cards not only raise brand recognition – they can strengthen the user’s emotional connection to the card (and, in turn, to the card issuer). Marabu’s new Ultra Card UVCC screen printing ink cures quickly, is suitable for lamination, and is ideal for printing on coated or uncoated PVC and PLA films (PLA = polylactide, a bioplastic i.e. biobased polymer). Furthermore, the ink is excellent for embossing and it can also be easily combined with other printing methods – while offering all the advantages of UV-curable technology.

One-of-a-kind: the market’s first water-based pad printing ink
At the expo, Marabu will showcase the world’s first commercially available water-based pad printing ink. The new product evolved from the water-based Maqua®Coat MAF and Maqua®Color MAC spray- and brushon inks. It is perfect for adding decorative elements, and for sensitive applications, such as children’s toys. The ink produces outstanding results in terms of adhesion, opacity and resistance, on substrates including wood, ABS and pre-treated polypropylene (PP). The water-based formulation is odourless and eco-friendly – plus, as a low-PAH and low-VOC pad printing ink, it provides protection for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Flexible pad printing inks for diverse applications
Marabu’s Tampa® Tex TPX offers very high adhesion and high opacity in conjunction with a flexible ink film. As numerous test prints and quality checks have now demonstrated, this best-selling pad printing ink for textiles is also ideal for other, highly challenging tasks. The extremely carefully sourced, high-purity raw materials mean this line not only complies with the strict specifications of clothing manufacturers, such as Adidas A01 und Nike RSL, it also fulfils requirements for baby products, toys and packaging. As a result, Tampa® Tex TPX is no longer restricted to prints on T-shirts, shoes and similar items. It is now perfect for other sensitive products, such as babies’ bottles, dummies (pacifiers), toys, and packaging for personal care products and foodstuffs. Sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts continue to set ever higher goals, and clothing and footwear need to keep pace. New high-tech materials must be extremely flexible and hard-wearing – while looking good. Marabu’s Tampa® Sport TPSP ink is ideal for decorating these fabrics (e.g. nylon and EVA). It results in a highly flexible film, making it perfect for sports apparel and shoes.

Switch It! – the alternative to OEM digital printing inks
At the expo, Marabu will also highlight its successful Switch It! concept – a true alternative to OEM inks. Users can simply replace their printer’s original inks with a product from Marabu’s portfolio to enjoy a number of advantages. Marabu digital printing inks are developed and manufactured in line with the same, strict specifications as OEM products (combined with Made-in-Germany excellence). Marabu inks are available in all common refill systems, such as cartridges, pouches, and bottles. Their high quality increases throughput while simultaneously lowering production costs.

New solution for the Roland TrueVIS printer range
The new solvent-based Mara® Jet DI-TV ink was specially developed for use in all Roland® TrueVIS Print & Cut devices, and is suitable for all printers that can employ the TrueVIS ink configuration. Consequently, it is an attractively priced alternative to OEM inks. Moreover, making the switch to Marabu’s product requires no modifications to chips or hardware. Mara Jet DI-TV delivers vibrant hues, a broad colour gamut, and exceptional durability, making it a superb choice for any graphical application. The ink is suitable for all popular substrates, including adhesive PVC film, banners, backlit films, roll-ups and more, enabling easy printing with the original profiles. Users can be sure of maintenance-friendliness and seamless compatibility with printers and all components.

A broad spectrum of UV-curable digital inks
Marabu’s UV-curable inkjet products can be employed in a variety of situations, and are compatible with all common printer heads. The offering includes flexible Ultra Jet DUV-A inks for wide formats, and the Ultra Jet DUV-C range for printing directly on flat glass and on containers made from glass or PET. There is also an alternative line of inks for Océ Arizona printers, Ultra Jet DUV-GR, as well as LED-curable Ultra Jet DLE-A products. Moreover, Marabu’s UV-curable portfolio now features two new lines: Ultra Jet DUV-MF is extremely versatile, and was developed especially for wide-format graphical applications. These products belong to a new generation of highly reactive inks that enhance roll-to-roll and hybrid printer productivity.

ClearShield® liquid coatings – the cost-effective alternative to film lamination
Clear coatings, also called liquid laminates, are an inexpensive way to protect billboards, art prints, signs, banners, awnings, wall coverings, vehicle graphics and more. ClearShield® waterbased liquid laminates offer the same protection as film laminates. At its FESPA Global Print Expo stand, Marabu will display its StarLam® 1600R roll-to-roll liquid laminator. This applies a smooth, consistent coat of Marabu water-based liquid coating, safeguarding digital prints in a fast and simple process. StarLam is suitable for a variety of substrates and can be combined with one of Marabu’s ClearShield® formulations to create the perfect solution for practically any need. The laminator is easy to operate, and supports high production volumes.


Press release: Marabu at FESPA 2019