Printing Inks for Textiles

Screen Printing onto Textiles

The list of printed textiles ranges from material for blinds and sunshades, to sports bags, racket sleeves, T-shirts, and casual clothing. Whether industrial products or casual wear, in textile printing there are hardly no limits to ideas, patterns, and design.

Pad Printing onto Textiles

The future is direct printing: rather than additional sewn-in labels, manufacturers are increasingly choosing to print brand names, size, and care instructions directly onto the inside of clothing. Pad printing is the ideal method for this application as it is ressource-efficient and minimises waste.

Our specialty inks for direct printing onto textiles feature utmost environmental and consumer safety: They are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and contain no substances listed in the California Proposition 65.

Digital Textile Transfer Printing - the Digital Ink Solution for a Combination with Traditional Textile Transfer

Digital textile transfer printing offers new opportunities with the combination of established Plastisol and PU based transfer inks: Switching the process of traditional cold peel printing to a combination with digital (digital textile transfer printing) is enabling you a higher print resolution, cost savings on personalised short and mid runs, and cuts down pre-press costs at an affordable invest.

The TexaJet DX-DTE digital ink was developed to replace the process- and multicolour print in traditional textile transfer applications. The ink system delivers photo-realistic results at a high quality resistance and a stunning soft touch.

Digital Textile Printing: Sublimation Inks

Water-based inks are the preferred choice for digital textile printing. Marabu offers two solutions for sublimations inks:
The hybrid sublimation ink TexaJet DX-SHE is ideal for both conventional transfer and direct printing on pre-treated polyester fabrics, offering digital printers the flexibility they seek for a broad range of commercial textile applications. In contrast, the specialized ink for transfer printing TexaJet DX-STE works well even on very thin paper, and is also optimized for Epson printheads.

Tintas Recomendadas:

MaraFlor TK

  • Tinta de base solvente de 2 componentes

  • Tinta muy cubriente

  • Debido a su alta pigmentación, es adecuada para aplicaciones de larga

  • uración en exteriores

  • Resistente al lavado (60 ° C)

TampaTex TPX

  • Film de tinta flexible que proporciona total confort
  • Muy cubirnte sobre colores y materiales oscuros
  • Muy buena resistencia al lavado y planchado
  • De fácil elaboración, de manejo muy seguro y eficiente

TampaPur TPU

  • Muy brillante

  • Tinta de base solvente de 2 componentes

  • Especialmente adecuada para soporte difíciles

  • Muy buena resistencia química y física  

TexaJet DX-DTE (Digital textile transfer printing) Intensive colours and higher resolution Compatible with your existing process Save cost on personalised short and mid runs

TexaJet DX-SHE

  • Sistema de 2 en 1. Permite utilizarse para la aplicación transfer y para la impresión directa.
  • Colores intensos / negro profundo
  • Resistencia a la luz, al lavado y a la transpiración
  • Alta compatibilidad medioambiental
  • Disponibilidad de uso con Bulk System

TexaJet DX-STE

  • Muy ecológica (olor muy suave, sin APEO, cumple la normativa Oeko-Tex® Standard 100)
  • Colores muy intensos y negro profundo permiten conseguir unos resultados muy brillantes
  • Excelentes propiedades de color
  • Buena solidez a la luz, al lavado, y al sudor