September 2014

TechINFO: "Hot stamping sobre vidrio"

Precious metals
are often used for the decoration of high-end products. Despite continuous improvement, organic gold and silver inks have never been able to reach the look of the expensive precious metal preparations which must be baked at high temperatures.

The Ultraglass UVGL Primers, in combination with hot stamping foils, are now the perfect solution: Equal brilliance at much lower costs!

Any favoured design can simply be printed with UVGL Primers on the glass surface. The printed motif then acts as a cliché for the hot stamping foil which is applied by roll-on or stroke-stamping, and only adheres to the areas where UVGL Primer is applied before.


Read more about the hot stamping technique itself, as well as on the use of UVGL Primers: 

TechINFO "Hot stamping onto glass"